Posted: Oct 29, 2020 8:02 pm
by SAK917
kiore wrote:Don't try and use the iGPU yet, any work it may get should it work will be by accident and purely test level stuff. Best to wait for a supported core that can use it without risk.

Thanks Kiore, figured I should ask first since you are on the beta test team. I didn't realize that F@H didn't have a "testing channel" so beta features can leak out into the wild before they are actually ready for prime time. Not a big deal once you know.

Will be interesting to see what effect folding simultaneously on both the CPU and iGPU might have, I would imagine thermal throttling will be an even bigger issue? Or even just having the CPU feeding both the iGPU and a separate GPU card without folding on the CPU... so many questions.

Thanks again, your insights always appreciated.