Posted: Oct 29, 2020 11:12 pm
by kiore
DKeane wrote:Slightly off-topic. Going to try and pick up a 3070 (assuming I can get one). Nvidia is recommending a 750W power supply. When I use a few online calculators (using the 3080 = greater power requirement), I get a number just below 500w. I currently have a 650, so I feel as if I should be fine, but wanted to get others thoughts/experiences. Too close?

Good luck getting one NVIDIA is releasing the 3xxx series incredibly slowly.
Looks like a top end 650w Gold/Platinum PSU should be enough but depends what else it driving, I see quotes of 300+ w draw for the 3080 but people who have them indicate lower numbers with killawatt meters. You could start of power limiting the GPU to 75% with something like MSI Afterburner and see how you go. I suspect they overrate the power requirements to cover for lower standard PSU's or ones running lots of stuff.