Posted: Nov 05, 2020 8:38 pm
by kiore
SAK917 wrote:
kiore wrote:I finally averaged 7mppd today but unsure this will last for long as due to a 'lucky' string of high performing units that suit my cards.

Kiore, how many years has it taken to accumulate your almost 4 billion points? I assume most of that time was at a much lower PPD production level?

Oh I started in early 2009, took 2 weeks for my first work unit to finish for 600 points total or so on my laptop.
In mid 2009 I built a 'super folder' system with 4 x gt9800's and a Phenom II quad core cpu running 2x virtual clients, this machine scored the amazing average of 20k ppd which classified it at the time as a Most Powerful Folder, a single system that could do over 20kppd. Here in this team chat we used to make a big deal when someone made 1 million points total contribution, and this was a really big deal. We now as a team are close to 100million a day due to leaps in technology both in hardware and software.