Posted: Nov 06, 2020 4:51 am
by SAK917
kiore wrote:Oh I started in early 2009, took 2 weeks for my first work unit to finish for 600 points total or so on my laptop.

Eleven years without stop? That is some dedication, impressive! I have folded on and off over the years, but I have to admit that you have inspired me to keep my rigs running more steadily.

kiore wrote:In mid 2009 I built a 'super folder' system with 4 x gt9800's and a Phenom II quad core cpu running 2x virtual clients, this machine scored the amazing average of 20k ppd which classified it at the time as a Most Powerful Folder, a single system that could do over 20kppd. Here in this team chat we used to make a big deal when someone made 1 million points total contribution, and this was a really big deal. We now as a team are close to 100million a day due to leaps in technology both in hardware and software.

I recently retired my two old GTX 580 cards that were generating about 100K PPD between the two of them and replaced them with a 2060 KO that is consistently cranking out over a million PPD. Advances in technology are pretty amazing when you think about how fast progress is being made.

And I am pretty happy with my 2070 Ti but I just saw today that an RTX 3080 Ti is rumored to be forthcoming with twice the memory of the 3080 (20GB) and the same FP32 count as the 3090... that just might be the next shiny lure for me to chase. The 10GB of the 3080 would be more than fine for folding, but is low for my machine learning work. The 3080 Ti sounds like it would be a sweet spot between the 3080 and 3090, and hopefully at a competitive price in light of AMD's recent Big Navi RX 6900 XT announcement priced $500 less than the 3090 with supposedly comparable performance. I haven't seen much info on the folding performance of the new RTX 30XX series cards though, will be interesting to see what kind of a jump the next generation of technology brings.