Posted: Oct 30, 2021 3:45 pm
by Spearthrower
Following the success of their Team Trees (23 million trees planted), they're now using the reach of science YTers to attempt to gather 30 million USD in donations to take plastic waste out of the oceans.

#TeamSeas is a global campaign to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of plastic and trash from our ocean, rivers and beaches. It’s also the second wave of the largest creator-led fundraising campaign to ever hit the internet: #TeamTrees. We launched #TeamTrees in 2019 with a goal of raising $20M to plant 20M trees and we smashed it—raising over $23M and generating more than 1B video views. Even two years later, is still receiving donations and planting 2,600 trees every day. We’re back again to rally the internet’s passion and imagination in support of the ocean.

For anyone looking to give planet Earth a little gift this Christmas! :)