Posted: Jan 31, 2023 3:43 am
by kiore
SAK917 wrote:Hi Kiore,

It's been a while since I posted, hope all is well with you. I just caught up on the thread and was sorry to see your trials and tribulations with the 2080Ti card. I have been running a 2070Ti 24/7 since I started folding in March 2020 (so almost three years straight) and it has performed flawlessly... out of curiosity what brand is your 2080 Ti?

That said, I am recently fortunate enough to upgrade to a RTX 4090 and have been bringing it online this week. I think I finally have the kinks worked out, but now that it is starting to produce 24/7 I have found an issue that I am almost embarrassed to discuss but was hoping you might have an answer to. The card is so fast that I am achieving between 15 and 30 seconds per fold depending on the WU, and now the checkpoints are occurring about once a minute with F@H checkpointing every 2% of progress. Such frequent checkpoints are impacting the productivity and I have tried to scale the checkpoint frequency back using the Advanced Control, but the Checkpointing Frequency setting in the Advanced tab doesn't seem to do anything as no matter how long I set it to, it is still checkpointing every 2% of progress.

Am I doing something wrong or is there is some other setting for the checkpoint frequency that I am missing? Your thoughts appreciated...


Hey saw the sudden increase in output an RTX 4090 very impressive stuff.
Re checkpoints unless you had set it to more frequent, the frequency is set by the WU designer who maybe was not expecting such a powerful card. You may find this is only on certain work units and other don't have this limitation.
We do the work assigned and the extreme ends of the card power range may experience wildly fluctuating PPD between units.
I know people say this card should do 35MPPD but people frequently report their best data in these things. Some WUs won't be able to utilise the full resources of the card and I suspect the units you describe are small ones.