Posted: Jul 15, 2010 9:11 am
by Mr.Samsa
MedGen wrote:
Well the first discussion didn't really take off tbh, I think perhaps because of the nature of the article; it was quite specialized, but then that was anticipated, and the whole point of a journal club that helps broaden everyones knowledge. If there's a lack of interest then there's not much that can be done to continue...

I don't think that the specialisation is a huge issue, but it would probably be best if the person who proposes it (or anyone else who's willing) could provide a layman's introduction to what the article is aiming to demonstrate, what the results were and what the results mean (along with why they're important). This way the articles aren't quite as daunting because the overall context will help decode any particularly difficult bits.

I think perhaps the reason why there wasn't much interest in the last one was probably because it was in the medicine forum - the science section as a whole gets minimal attention as it is, and medicine in particular has the fewest posts per day I think. Maybe it would be best to post the articles in the General Science section? Or, you could post them in the general science area and the mods could move it to an appropriate area with a shadow topic in place for a week or two?