Posted: Jun 12, 2011 11:31 pm
by HomerJay
willhud9 wrote:But, in fact, homerjay can you prove that civilians deaths are higher than enemy military casualties? The US, especially, bends over backwards to prevent civilian deaths, even to the point of letting known suspects go because they were hiding in a hospital.

Er, I didn't make the claim that civilian deaths were higher, I stated the numbers were a side show.

We do know the merkins were willing to accept that 25% of civilians deaths was a win.

We do know the merkins haven't been truthful about civilian deaths in the past.

We should know that if the merkins now claim they have sorted the problem but they aren't going to say how or why, that we can claim bullshit.

What is objectionable to Weaver's claim is that we should now trust the merkins on face value and accept our ignorance. It's an infantile approach that doesn't dignify it's perpetrators or us. Don't even bring it to the table.