Posted: Jun 13, 2011 11:26 am
by HomerJay
willhud9 wrote:
HomerJay wrote:
willhud9 wrote:But, in fact, homerjay can you prove that civilians deaths are higher than enemy military casualties? The US, especially, bends over backwards to prevent civilian deaths, even to the point of letting known suspects go because they were hiding in a hospital.

Er, I didn't make the claim that civilian deaths were higher, I stated the numbers were a side show.

We do know the merkins were willing to accept that 25% of civilians deaths was a win.

Of course, if you are to argue that wars should never be fought and militaries are too be disbanded, I will laugh at you :lol:

According to what source and why should military information such as that even be released to the public? Top officials, yes, but not the general public who sees the phrase "civilian casualty" and immediately flips a shit about the atrocities of war.

I think I value Weaver's judgement on this matter, more so than yours. Especially since Weaver is in a position to know the truth.

You seem to be having a big problem with this and most of this is so infantile perhaps Weaver's tactic of reducing you to a child like trust has worked.

Why you're ranting about wars that should never be fought, we can only wonder about.

You think your Daddy has speshul knowledge because he was once in the Army :rofl: so it's no wonder you accept that you'll take Weaver's arguments without applying any rational process.

The question here is about how war is conducted, accepting that the military can act without oversight and on their own grounds is fruit loop stuff.

This is serious bullshit and needs to be challenged very robustly indeed. It's not whether it is right or wrong, Weaver wants to take away the ability of people to challenge the facts, that's why it makes children of us (well, those that accept it, anyway!).