Posted: Jun 13, 2011 7:36 pm
by Father O Rielly
willhud9 wrote:
HomerJay wrote:
The question here is about how war is conducted, accepting that the military can act without oversight and on their own grounds is fruit loop stuff.

This is serious bullshit and needs to be challenged very robustly indeed. It's not whether it is right or wrong, Weaver wants to take away the ability of people to challenge the facts, that's why it makes children of us (well, those that accept it, anyway!).

No, no it doesn't.

Military drones are highly effective in minimizing civilian casualties thanks to the fact they can be programmed from afar with precision and accuracy of picking a target. The fact that there is some collateral damage from them is irrelevant to the fact that on the whole they have been effective. All that means is that research into creating more accurate drones to prevent civilian casualties is needed. Instead of whining about the military being "unethical" in its approach to the drone raids, why not whine about the inefficiency of the technology and push to create better ones? Oh that's right, defense spending needs to be cut the most out of any government spending.

To get a better understanding of the issue, try reversing the situation with a thought experiment. Muslim forces have been targeting militants in the US that the American government either can't or won't deal with. You don't really agree with the values of the militants, but like many others, you are incensed at the violation of American sovereignty, and the death of bystanders. One day, you find your home blown up and parents dead, the result of a missile gone astray. Is this still irrelevant in your mind, or is there a deeper issue here?