Posted: Jun 14, 2011 2:46 am
by byofrcs
willhud9 wrote:
byofrcs wrote:In time we will view the militaries like we do the death penalty: an obsolete mechanism for humanity to manage conflicts over resources.

But so long as there are militant groups out there working for religious/political reasons against other countries, militaries are necessary evil to have for defense of one's liberties and wars will happen.

Ah yes the magic word "defense". I'm all for defense - it's "offense" that I have a problem with. The attitude of modern militaries is not defense of one's liberties because that is the first thing that they eliminate when they have failed. The freedom of press, the right to vote, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of movement are generally the first liberties they forbid.

Wars do not need to happen but they will whilst people still think that they can happen.