Posted: Dec 26, 2011 11:11 am
by blindfaith
1.Athiesm doesnt drive people to kill/rape/torture in the name of their particular favourite deity
2. delusional athiests are given medical treatment, not beatified or held in high regard.
3. Athiests dont expect special treatment for their non-delusions (tax breaks, etc)
4. Athiests dont expect to treat animals inhumanely for their delusion
5. Athiests dont abuse their childrens genitals/minds to appease any deity
6. living your life using evidence, common sense and logic rather than wishfull thinking and bend-over-backwards-apologism.
7 Athiests dont come around my house trying to push their athiesm on me.

im sure their are plenty of others im certain others will fill in
hope that helps:)