Posted: Feb 13, 2012 1:32 pm
by Nicko
I suppose that my advice would be to note the name of the website.

Rational Skepticism.

Rational as in if you express a opinion, it will be assumed that you have reasons for holding that opinion and are prepared to supply them.

Skeptical as in claims will not be accepted just on someone's say so.

This does not just hold for the topic of religion, but for any topic discussed. There is more than enough space on this forum for any theist to be a prolific poster without once putting their beliefs in the line of fire. No one will force you to discuss religion if you don't want to. If you choose to, however, be aware that religious questions are treated like any other area of human endeavor. If you make a claim you will be asked to back it up. It cut both ways, of course, so feel free to ask the same of anyone.

People are not being "rude" when they ask you why you hold a certain opinion, nor when they reject an opinion presented without reasons, they are merely being rationally skeptical.

Just like it says on the box.

Oh, and just remember, this may be the first time you've conversed with a pack of godless heathens; this is not the first time we've conversed with a believer. Pretty much every "proof" of God ever invented has been discussed already and found to be invalid, unsound or both. Don't trot out the Kalam Cosmological Argument or the Ontological Argument and expect people to be impressed.

The reverse will probably be the case.

Oh, and learn what plagarism is and don't do it.