Posted: Feb 16, 2012 1:39 am
by Nicko
Lion IRC wrote:No. It's not good advice because it's based on something which is ITSELF an unsubstantiated claim - an opinion.
"Pretty much every "proof" of God ever invented has been discussed already and found to be invalid, unsound or both."

Beware of claims which rest on the logical fallacy...everybody knows... everyone agrees with...we all blah blah blah...

My claim does not rest on a fallacy. Largely because it is not a claim at all, it is an observation supported by the entirety of the "Belief & Unbelief" section of this site.

If you have some argument for the existence of God that has not been examined on this site, why are you complaining here instead of off proving God's existence in a thread devoted to it? If you can provide an unrefutable proof of God, I will apologise to you unreservedly. Regardless, the non-existence of an unrefuted proof of God on this site is currently a fact.

My actual point was that it is a good idea to examine whether a subject has already been discussed, and engaging with the ongoing discussion, before raising it as if it had not been discussed and you are privy to some kind of revolutionary argument that we should all be amazed by. Such a strategy would result in many people here recieving responses that they would perceive to be more "polite", rather than, "Oh no, do we have to refute this nonsense again?".

For instance, if there is an active thread discussing the validity of the Kalam Cosmological Argument, use that thread to discuss the Kalam. If you think the objections to it are invalid, give your reasons.

Don't inject it into another thread as if no objections existed to it, as this may lead people to develop negative opinions about your honesty or intelligence.