Posted: Feb 16, 2012 6:54 am
by Nicko
Lion IRC wrote:You didnt say...every proof of God ever invented has been "examined" on this site.

You said every single one had been "found to be invalid, unsound or both."

Every argument made with the intent of demonstrating God's existence on this site to date has been successfully rebutted. Perhaps you feel one or more of the discussions are not over. Fair enough. Return to the relevant thread and continue the discussion. If you think you have a new argument, no one will be more interested to hear it than me; start a thread.

If you try to have it out here, the mods will just split the thread.

And you werent speaking on your own behalf either were you.

I'm not sure what you are accusing me of.

My only intent in posting in this thread was to help new theists avoid the ridicule some theistic members bring upon their own heads with their contemptible discoursive habits.