Posted: May 18, 2012 1:51 am
by Oldskeptic
Why is disembodied consciousness any more possible than a square circle? Consciousness without a brain is no more supportable than are square circles. It's like saying that there can be a heartbeat without a heart.

Here is a simple fact, it takes a brain to be aware/self aware/conscious. Some animals are aware of external stimuli, others are aware of their individuality, while others are aware of their individuality and internal physical and mental states. It all is brain dependent.

I know that people go on and on about how mysterious consciousness is, but it really is not. It's an evolved trait that works very well for some mammals and birds. We don't know exactly how the brain does it yet because it is very complicated, but we do know that the brain does it.

So how do you get consciousness without a brain?

Here is my take on it: This universe began with an expansion some 13.7 billion years ago and it was objective reality without consciousness being involved. On this planet what could be called awareness evolved 10 to 12 billion years later, with brains, and then self awareness sometime later, and consciousness after that. All that time there was objective reality without consciousness.

This universe has no mental capacity and neither does anything else lacking a brain. Consciousness is a product of this universe and not the other way around.

Amkerman's idea and arguments suck. There's hardly any other way to put it.

Oh! And he's not arguing for the existence of God only for the belief in the existence of God. Give me a fucking break. It's fucking nonsense.