Posted: May 18, 2012 8:30 am
by Thommo
Scar wrote:
amkerman wrote:
hackenslash wrote:
amkerman wrote:my rejection of God

The statement of somebody who was never an atheist and doesn't understand what an atheist is.

I'm not sure if you said this knowing that I was an atheist for three years or so or not, or just purposefully disregarding that fact. I've stated such multiple times in my tenure here. Either way. What you have just said misses the mark. I was an atheist.

Or at least an atheist in the sense that people here use the word.

No, you weren't. That's Hack's point.

If he didn't believe in a god, no matter how poor his reasoning or lack of it was, he was an atheist.

I suppose it's possible he's lying, but I don't see any rational reason to assume he is, or any rational reason to start claiming it here without evidence.