Posted: Apr 22, 2010 11:19 pm
by blasphemer_number1
Believers say a lot of crazy things -- moreover it is often laughable the things they believe and that they would have you believe. Being raised Christian, I have a few things to offer, but I don't think anyone responding to this need to constrain their responses to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other subset of the world religions. I'm naturally more familiar with Christianity than any other religion, and that is the religion of most of my neighbors/peers.

So besides the usual run of the mill stuff like the global flood and crazy miracles of the old testament, I can vividly recall one youth group meeting I attended in college (I was undecided then, but I'm firmly an unbeliever now). The leader repeatedly insisted that every knock at the door, every ring of the telephone, every distant siren, and literally every distraction while we were meeting was Satan trying to keep us from God's work and God's message. How then, I wonder, were we to describe the purpose of distractions in secular situations? Does every happening really mandate a purpose?

So, please share the craziness that believers have tried to sell you over the years; the crazier the better.