Posted: Apr 23, 2010 12:07 am
by Oldskeptic
There are just too many but here are a few:

Hi, we’ve come to bring you the good news, the end is near.

An actual conversation with a woman from Brazil in a bar at the Indianapolis Ramada Inn:
Her: You can’t be an atheist, you have to believe in something, what do you believe in?
Me: Science, reason, logic.
Her: I mean something real.

This one really floored me, it came from a woman that was at a family party that I had never met, but was a part of the extended family on the inlaw’s side:

“God took my baby away to make me a better Christian. I believe that Christ is my lord and savior and that I will be with my baby again in heaven. It is his plan.”

I should mention that she was a bit tipsy at the time and didn’t start speaking in tongues until after the third or fourth tray of tequila-lime Jello shooters had made it’s rounds. After that she started making more sense.