Posted: Apr 23, 2010 1:31 am
by blasphemer_number1
Tero wrote:Original sin.

"Jesus died for our sins."

I bet Jesus did not know that. Only his editors know.

Considering that Judas had to ID Jesus for the Romans, one has to wonder whether Jesus was really a willing volunteer. It's also been said before, but I'll echo again; if Jesus was god, who was he trying to impress with his sacrifice? If God wanted to forgive mankind, why not just forgive? ...and anyway, if it were even possible in modern day law, what a great idea it is to have an innocent person to serve a guilty person's sentence; leaving a possibly ungrateful criminal free to continue committing crime.

mmmcheezy wrote:How about the following exchange?
My husband had joined some group on facebook trying to get 1,000,000 people who believe in evolution or something, and I commented on it and said "it's real, get over it." Then a complete STRANGER proceeded to argue with me!

I removed the screenshots, but what more can you say but "wow"? What kind of advice is it; "pick up the bible once in a while"? That may be possibly the most annoying thing to me about believers; the expectation that I came to my position of disbelief through an ignorance of scripture. More to the contrary, the more scripture I read the more it turns me away.

Which reminds me of something else batty that I heard on the radio recently; it was a Christian woman talking about how horrible the problem of "biblical illiteracy" is. I had a WTF moment, thinking to myself, "does this woman really know what's in the bible?" Ironically, I do have favorite bible verses; but they are the ones that show what a vile and despicable piece of fiction that it really is.