Posted: Jan 25, 2013 2:10 pm
by termina

Some muslim apologists make the claim that the Quran overall consistence is proof of its superhuman origin.
Their argument is the following:
The revelation of this Scripture was gradual and took 23 years, BTW once a verse was revealed it wasn't modified.
Each part was revealed in a specific context: eg, to debunk idolaters' arguments, to answer people's inquiry, to set rules, to give instruction in times of wars,...
and yet, each surah (ie, chapter) is coherent with an other; in asmuch they convey, or are compatible with,the idea of existence of an all-powerful, all-just, merciful Creator, of Unicity and Purity of the Creator (as opposed to polytheism, and Trinitarian Christianism), and of people's physical and spiritual dependance on Him.

This shows the author of the Quran knew the future: how to react to such or such situation and how to answer his fellow Arabic counter-arguments, without deviating from coherence, (as opposed to all human-authored masterpieces which after being completed must undergo revision to achieve perfect coherence)

So let's grant Quran's overall coherence and and let's suppose it hasn't be revised,
would their claim of miracle still work?