Posted: Jan 26, 2013 3:02 pm
by mickeko
Ironclad wrote:The Koran is the direct revelation of god, because it says so in the Koran. :coffee:

Does it really matter if it would be what it claims? Even if it is a revelation from some mystical figure muslims choose to call Allah, betold to the bloke named Mohammad who just happened to get picked out for the task, would you accept Allah as the one true God? I would not. Books mean absolutely NOTHING when it comes to providing evidence for something being divine, and I really doubt there is anything that can. What evidence could I give you, supposing I'm God, which would work as evidence? Knowledge of things you don't know about? That just proves I know more. Healing diseases which you can't? That just proves I know more. Create another universe? That would still just prove I know more than you... I can't provide proof for being anything other than more advanced than you. Even if I wave a hand to make a million people believe, it always ends up in faith. And I seriously doubt something which would be so advanced that it could create universes on a whim would give a shit if we believe in it or not.