Posted: Jan 29, 2013 10:01 am
by lyingcheat
termina wrote;
So let's grant Quran's overall coherence and and let's suppose it hasn't be revised,

From what I've read (about it), the Quran is not particularly coherent (hence the various islamic sects) and was revised and reshuffled (early in its history) a few times.
So the claim that it is coherent and hasn't been revised is itself a false claim, in relation to a book full of false claims.

Pretty standard for religions really. The only miracle here is that anyone believes it.

I would also question this part of the argument, in relation to the use of the word 'coherent'.
termina wrote;
...and yet, each surah (ie, chapter) is coherent with an other; in asmuch they convey, or are compatible with,the idea of existence of an all-powerful, all-just, merciful Creator...

It is not particularly 'coherent' to claim an "all-just, merciful Creator" is responsible for the many recommendations for mass genocide and individual slaughter contained within the Quran.
I note it's the same claim made by the other Abrahamic religions, with the same lack of coherence.