Posted: May 06, 2013 12:06 pm
by Scar
ADParker wrote:
scott1328 wrote:This seemed like as good a place as any to post this

PZ Myers : I wii no longer consider myself a "skeptic"

Point of note: PZ is technically a member here (even his he hasn't posted in 2 years) so the FUA still applies to him.

He's acting like a complete asshat there though. So he sees what he considers (rightly or wrongly, doesn't matter) some abuses of skepticism by those who claim to be skeptics, and rather than continue to argue the case that they are in error, and failing to apply skepticism (or apply it correctly/consistently) he just gives up and declares that he's not a skeptic any more?!

Does he not realize that sounds as batty as those few who have gotten angry at certain atheistic groups/ideas and declared that they are turning to Christianity as some kind of rebuke? :roll: (I recall for example some anti-semitic nutter running for some kind of political office who did this when the rest of the 'atheist community' turned on him for his holocaust denial etc. ah: Larry Darby of the Atheist Law Center, that's the guy!)

For him to realize that would require him to be skeptical in the first place. But he isn't. Officially, now, too.