Posted: Aug 30, 2013 3:27 pm
by Animavore
Rumraket wrote:
Animavore wrote:Thinking about it - final cause is falsifiable after all. All we need to do is show one instance of speciation. As, too, is the idea that no final cause exists, which would be shown by all species crystallising and becoming fixed and immutable. So I take back what I said the previous page. I was wrong.

BTW - Cookie for guessing which theory has been falsified and therefore should be rejected?

I could be mistaken, but final causation is different from end-goal?

I don't think so.
Final cause, or telos, is defined as the purpose, end, aim, or goal of something. Like the formal cause, this is a controversial type of cause in science. It is commonly claimed that Aristotle's conception of nature is teleological in the sense that he believed that Nature has goals apart from those that humans have. On the other hand, as will be discussed further below, it has also been claimed that Aristotle thought that a telos can be present without any form of deliberation, consciousness or intelligence. An example of a passage which is discussed in this context is Physics II.8 (from