Posted: May 30, 2014 11:21 am
by JTRizzle
virphen wrote:
JTRizzle wrote:
as i said, if the man was purposefully insulting you, you have every right to be insulted, but you have no right to insult him. i did not purposefully insult you, i just said your behavior was not reasonable. i have bean unreasonable many times, its not the end of the world. you simply gave me an anecdote, and i told you what i thought about it. it is hard to be convinced that atheists aren't prone to purposefully insulting Christians when every forum i go on, i am purposefully insulted continuously by atheists. now, here's the thing. Christians are every bit as prone to purposefully insulting atheists. they are every bit as wrong as the atheists who insult Christians. my point is that arguments among Christians do not contain nearly the same number of insults as arguments between atheists and Christians. why? because both sides of the argument, when both are Christian, accept that purposefully insulting someone is a sin for which there is no excuse, that the sin damns us, it is only by the grace of God that we are forgiven. we accept these notions, and have no problem pointing it out to each other, so the insults remain at a minimum.

this fact remains: you have no right to feel that a person has insulted you unless they meant to insult you. i do not mean to insult you when i say that you sin. if you are insulted by this, i am sorry, but you should not be because i am not purposefully insulting you.

Once again, all you are doing is talking over me. Your view of what constitutes an insult counts, but mine does not. This is fine for your narrative of nice polite Christians not insulting each other whereas the nasty atheists can't help but be mean, but this narrative is based on ignorance of what we find insulting about how you treat us. You no longer even have the excuse of not realising that you are engaging in this behaviour, because it has been repeatedly and clearly pointed out to you. Your response has not been for a second to take that on board, or to apologise, but to continue to launch your insults and group attacks.

You want a model where you get to fling endless amounts of shit us, but we can't respond. I politely request that you go away and examine your behaviour and remove the insulting elements of your own conduct and assess that of your peers in this light before continuing to insist that atheists are so much more prone to handing out insults.

i made no statements about arguments between atheists. i have no idea how they run. i did not say that you can't help but be mean, what i was saying is that Christians all believe that it is a sin purposefully insult someone. i can't say that about atheists, i have no idea what they all believe, or if they even have beliefs in common with each other. in what way do "we" treat you that insults you, and why do you not accept that there may be times that you feel insulted when no one was trying to insult you?

are you saying that it is right to be angry at a person for insulting you, when the person was not trying to insult you? that makes no sense.

if you've been insulted, i apologize, but i did not mean to insult you. if you are still angry for being insulted... deal with it. i really can't care at that point because that is an unreasonable position.

a Hindu may tell me that i am doing an evil thing when i eat beef. if he is an honest man, i will be able to tell that he is not purposfully trying to insult me. at that point, i will not be insulted, i will merely argue that eating beef is not evil. a christian may tell you that you are doing an evil thing by disbelieving in God. if he is an honest man, then you will be able to tell that he is not purposefully insulting you. at that point, you should not be insulted, you should merely argue that disbelief in God is not evil.