Posted: Jun 02, 2014 12:41 pm
by Fallible
JTRizzle wrote:
virphen wrote:
JTRizzle wrote:
virphen wrote:A Christian continues to insult after being told he is being insulting is deliberately insulting people. So you're committing a sin, by your own omission.

Also, I could add, that if I were to call you a dick, and then say "I'm sorry you're a dick" that wouldn't count as an apology, either. So stop repeating your insults by simply adding the words "sorry" or "I apologise" to them.

Furthermore, the fact that people can think that standing around on street corners threatening them with eternal torture is somehow less bad than telling someone to fuck off, speaks volumes.

i honestly don't know what i said that was insulting to you. perhaps you can let me know so that i can properly explain how i was not being purposefully insulting.

seriously... what insult did i repeat? i honestly have no clue...

do you believe the man was purposefully trying to insult you? is it possible that he felt he was trying to save you, or was too insane to know where he was or that he was even talking to anyone? are you really insulted that some guy on the side of the street cares for you enough to do what he believes may save you from what he thinks is eternal damnation? if the man was purposefully trying to insult you, he was wrong. when you purposefully insulted him, you were wrong.

No, the man was wrong for THREATENING IN PUBLIC me no matter how aware or unaware of how wrong it is, he is. Just like someone removing the clitoris of a baby girl is as wrong as you can get, no matter to what degree he thinks it's right to mutilate baby girls. It just after century on century of being so dominant, xtians still think they have the right to shit over everyone else and not get called on it.

As to insults: personally, you've accused me of sinking down to his level, as if telling someone to fuck off is in any way comparable with threatening them with eternal torture if they don't do what you want. You continue to label atheists negatively as a group. You continue to refuse to acknowledge the offensiveness of much theist behaviour towards atheists, while labelling us as a group more prone to insulting people. I'd really be amazed to find anything I'd ever said could equate to:
- threats of eternal torture
- justification of deity-commanded genocide
- the comparison of the LGBT population to paedophiles and bestialists
- implications that in not believing atheists are somehow less human for not believing in their deity

These are all examples of things that are hauled out by religionists here and in other place on a regularly basis. But we're the rude, insulting ones? Get off the fucking grass.

-the man is not threatening you with hell, he claims God is threatening you with hell.
-did he justify deity-commanded genocide? if so, how is that an insult to you?
-isn't LGBT an acronym for choices of sexual identity?

:lol: This the next line you're casting is it?

in that sense, LGBT, heterosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality can be compared.

Now we wait for someone to bite...

-what was his implication that you are less human? it seems he is implying that you are MORE human.

my accusation that you sunk down to his level is not an insult. everyone has sunk down to that level at some point. we are not threatening you with hell, we are all threatened with hell.

Preaching. Read the fucking FUA.

all people are flawed, so i have labeled all groups negatively, including Christians.

mutilating people is objectively deplorable, disgusting, unreasonable and should be condemned by everyone. we can agree on this. here is my justification for that assumption: it is objectively wrong because the entity which creates objective morality has made it wrong. what is your justification?

Circular reasoning works because.

also, how does God fit the criteria given for this project when God is used only to describe supernatural phenomena, as apposed to describing natural phenomena?