Posted: Nov 29, 2014 10:26 am
by Zadocfish2
Just found this thread! Yeah, we Christians are seriously under-represented here. I have two theories as to why:

1) This is a forum about expounding on science and refuting non-science. Which means, a Christian attempting to post normal Christian things would likely be blitzed by replies explaining why something or other makes no sense, or is "irrational." Christians under that circumstance tend to ignore the posts, usually giving up and leaving for lack of things to say and a lack of responses that don't rely on previously-discussed arguments from apologist sites.

2) If a Christian is open-minded to science, like I am, they absorb arguments and stuff from here. If he then goes on to think about these arguments and take them to the conclusions, he will usually end up with a crisis of the Faith, like the one I'm in the throes of right now. I seem to sink into that every time I spend a lot of time on this forum... The points made by Cali and Spearthrower and the like will get into your head if you let them, and they're much harder to get rid of than they are to obtain. The only choices are to stop thinking about it altogether and lose interest in such debates, and/or to leave the site so as not to fall under the influence of such thoughts. Either option eventually leads to abandoning the forum.

It's hard. You either stay, listen, and be mentally accosted by constant and nagging doubt, or you pack up and leave before they get you, or you stay and refuse to listen to a word said that you don't agree with. There's little middle ground.