Posted: May 31, 2016 7:13 pm
by John Platko
crank wrote:Scientology uses all kinds of tricks, many not legal at all, and include violence. There are surely multiple threads that go through the many aspects of it. There are signs it may be beginning to crumble, though. The Mormons are too entrenched and rich to go away anytime soon. The Mormon religion is clearly insane, they ban coffee drinking FFS!

I haven't found that Scientology has been discussed around here to anywhere near the extent of the more popular religions, probably for the obvious reasons. And like a lot of places, it seems that who you are colors your experience of it a lot. I think Tom Cruise encounters a different Scientology than the grunt Sea Org member, and a public member sees something else altogether.

Jason Beghe tells what it's like for a celebrity member.