Posted: Jun 01, 2016 1:25 pm
by John Platko
ScholasticSpastic wrote::coffee: Just bookmarking this thread, as it covers subjects that fascinate me. And not just because I'm a part of a atheist/Mormon marriage. It's the shift to Scientology that really hooked me. That stuff's wack (as the kids say).

Jason Beghe explains how he got into Scientology, what it was like, and how he got out. Of course he had the red carpet celebrity experience- the poor folks in the Sea Org - oh it's sad.

Scientology has already had it's version of the Reformation, some people believe the tech (that's what they call it) is good but the leadership is the problem. So there are branches - often in places where it's not easy to sue for copyright infringement. They don't just give the "tech" away, you pay through the nose for it. Well, at least you did before the internet.

A really good overview of the Hubbard thing is from one of the spin of branches of Scientology. This gives a good idea of what it's about and how they get you on the hook.

And one of my favorites is the Steve Fishman deposition. He got arrested for embezzling so he could pay for his advanced Scientology courses. POE's law kicks in for me when I watch Steven. I just can't tell if he's putting us on or he really believes what he's saying. If anyone ever aspired to being a POE, Steven is the gold standard to aspire to- just sayin.

And after all that you might :scratch: and think they're all :crazy: but then there's a guy like this, who seems to have gotten positive things from Scientology. (he talks about some of it 17 minutes in)