Posted: Nov 25, 2016 11:39 am
by archibald
Sendraks wrote:
archibald wrote:I wonder though, if conditions in Scandinavia (a part of the world I hugely admire, to the point that I would like it to somehow take over the world) were to be swopped with conditions in, say, Burundi (with no offence intended to any Burundians present) in a 'Trading Places' (the movie) type of switcheroo....

And yet the population of Burundi is 80-90% Christian.

As long as you think that killing the other person is what god wants and you're doing "good" by engaging in that act, you're going to be able to justify the ongoing perpetration of violence against your fellow man.

To put it another way, people believing in god in Burundi appears to be achieving little in the way of "good."

Yes, sure, but that's slightly different to asking why religiosity has not naturally waned there instead of Scandinavia.