Posted: Nov 25, 2016 9:59 pm
by tuco
There are case studies, from the so-called Soviet era, with various results. Take Czech Republic and Poland for example. Very different results with relatively similar conditions*.

I think it can work but does not always work. Other conditions, which would be interesting subject to explore though demanding quite a bit of information*, need to be present for it to work.

And I do not understand "luxury" :) The article you linked uses following description: being safe, secure, and successful societies, which is basically what I call welfare state because without redistribution of wealth its not generally easy to satisfy safe and secure conditions and without being successful there is nothing to redistribute.

Due to the success of the most well-developed welfare systems within the
democratic world (Einhorn and Logue 2003), the wealth in Scandinavia is shared to an
impressive degree throughout the nations’ populations; the gap between the rich and the
poor in Denmark and Sweden is smaller than in any other industrialized democracies.