Posted: Feb 05, 2017 3:48 pm
by Dark energy
Pebble wrote:
Dark energy wrote:
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nah,we just want to have both way,enjoy this infinitely small mortal life and hopefully the afterlife. :popcorn:

Don't you ever wonder why an omniscient being would demand incessant ritualistic behavior of no practical value during the short sojourn in this place? Aggravated by providing no verifiable evidence that such actions are of any merit.

It might have no value in materialistic world but these short ritualistic behaviors are worth it,I would like to have a proof which can be tested again and again in the laboratory but we are still looking for that quantifiable evidence .

interesting that The Solar system, galaxies,the planet Earth, every plant, animal and
human has a well-consided structure.why is that so? for me ,it means and points to the creator, not blind nature like my atheists friends like to argue. For the building
particles - atoms and molecules still follow a pattern,that is enough to convince me of the designer.

God takes 25 min out of 1440 of my daily life that is 0.01666666666 quite insignificant according to calculations but what matters is intentions.