Posted: Feb 05, 2017 4:05 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Dark energy wrote:
interesting that The Solar system, galaxies,the planet Earth, every plant, animal and
human has a well-consided structure.why is that so?

You have not demonstrated that it is so.
The mere fact that humans posses mutliple redundant organs, some of which can cause health risks, should tell you something.

Dark energy wrote: for me ,it means and points to the creator,

If you honestly examine your views, you'll most likely find that you start from the position of the existence of a creator and then interpet the world around you with that presumption.

Dark energy wrote: not blind nature like my atheists friends like to argue.

Nature has no eyes. It cannot be blind.

Dark energy wrote:For the building
particles - atoms and molecules still follow a pattern,that is enough to convince me of the designer.

Then you're convinced by faulty reasoning.

Dark energy wrote:
God takes 25 min out of 1440 of my daily life that is 0.01666666666 quite insignificant according to calculations but what matters is intentions.

It's still time wasted on an irrational belief.