Posted: Feb 05, 2017 5:52 pm
by lpetrich
Christian Scientists believe that the physical world is an illusion, that disease is really false beliefs, and that materialist medicine is worthless. Their method of cure is to make one recognize that some disease does not really exist. However, Christian Scientists often have difficulty in practicing what they preach about that. Mary Baker Eddy herself did such materialist-medicine things as wearing glasses and taking laudanum, an opium extract.

Isaac Asimov once heard a low rumbling noise on Sunday mornings, something which he tracked down to the air conditioner of a nearby Christian Science church. He laughed long and loud at how the church’s members were so unwilling to convince themselves that they are not really overheated, thus making that materialist air conditioner unnecessary (IA source: Of Matters Great and Small, "Dance of the Luminaries").

Some Christian Scientists might object that overheating is not really a disease, but there is an overheating-caused disease: heatstroke.

Two years ago, Val Kilmer was rushed to a materialist hospital on account of a throat tumor that was making it difficult for him to breathe (Val Kilmer -- Family Believes Religion Is Killing Him | Though he was a Christian Scientist, he was unable to make that tumor go away by convincing himself that it is a false belief, that it does not really exist.