Posted: Feb 06, 2017 5:02 pm
by Weaver
Rachel Bronwyn wrote:Was it a big exciting thing? I don't remember it happening. Going to look. Hopefully it's worth a few lols.

It was the usual with booting trolls here - those who were engaged with him regularly had plenty of evidence of this trolling, then there was a long Feedback thread featuring someone who never engaged with him stating that he doesn't see what the problem is, and doesn't think we should ban trolls. We went round and round for a while before the Mods finally had time to kick the ball around some more, look at his historical record, and decide that there was no changing his behaviors through the usual sanction process and that he had to go.

Then he was spotted in dank corners of the Interwebs bragging about how he'd been kicked off of here, and how stupid we all were, and how he considered getting booted from here another notch on his gun or something.