Posted: Feb 07, 2017 4:59 pm
by Weaver
tuco wrote:Its like .. repeatedly biting unfamiliar chewtoys, then complaining it has jalapenos inside and then asking authorities to put said chewtoy on black list because jalapenos are hot.

Or .. oh look, this appears to be chewoytoy with jalapenos inside, better leave it alone.

Problem lol

Because we search the Internet for obnoxious trolls to come here just so we can complain about them later.

Because we don't try to reason with them, to engage with them as if they're being honest - no, it's all our fault that they are acting trollishly. They cannot help being trolls, after all they all have big labels on their packages saying "jalapeno chewtoy obvious troll, do not engage"

Maybe that's what we should be pushing for the next time an Ignore Feature discussion pops around in Feedback - just labeling people Obvious Troll.

I'm sure that would be much better. I'll even volunteer determine who to apply the labels to. I know just where to start.