Posted: Sep 06, 2017 10:57 pm
by RealityRules
Scot Dutchy wrote:
..just 3% of those aged 18-24 describing themselves as Anglican .. ... 28896.html

The Guardian reported -

... only 5% of that age group identify as Catholic.

Among the next age group, 25-34, only 5% identify as Anglicans and 9% say they are Catholic. The presence in the UK of young European workers may be a factor in the relatively high proportion of young Catholics.

Among all adults in Britain, only 15% consider themselves to be Anglican, compared with almost one in three at the turn of the century [2000?] ... 9% identify as Catholics, 17% as “other Christian”, and 6% say they belong to non-Christian religions.

More generally, 53% of all adults describe themselves as having no religious affiliation, up from 48% in 2015.

Many within the C of E have warned that its *resistance to same-sex marriage, and the difficulty of some churches in accepting LGBT Christians, have alienated almost an entire generation of young adults*. Some young people also view the C of E as failing to embrace and represent the diversity of 21st-century Britain.

C of E leaders are aware of the risk of atrophy, with a warning last year that numbers attending church were expected to continue to decline for the next three decades. They have embarked on an evangelism and reform programme ... are_btn_fb