Posted: Sep 09, 2017 4:15 pm
by VazScep
tuco wrote:Usually, I know meaning of words from dictionary. Legally-established as in: recognized by the law. Growing up, in this sense, means: arrive to full maturity as in: vote it out ffs! Just like the Queen. wtf is wrong with people who keep monarch and religion? Hello?! This 21st century, you know. Established. I guess you like established, innit.
Perhaps I'm somewhat conservative, and perhaps somewhat non-rational, but I'm not about throwing out ceremony and tradition just because we can't find a logical reason for it. I like the Queen, and I like the idea of constitutional monarchy. I also don't have a major problem with an established Church. I like random tradition, and I like the wacky idea that the British State (the Crown) is incarnate.