Posted: Oct 05, 2017 12:51 pm
by aban57
Frank Turek, he's got his own wikipedia page :


In the book I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, Turek discusses how we demand truth from doctors, stock brokers, loved ones, etc., and yet we do not typically demand truth when it comes to morality or religion. He argues that truth is based in correspondence to an absolute reality, and is therefore not subjective. It therefore follows that religious truth is also objective, and that to state that there is no truth or that truth is subjective is self-refuting.[7]

After arguing for the objectivity of truth, Turek then argues for the objectivity of knowledge. He asks those who argue that one cannot know anything for sure if they can know that for sure. If they can, then the statement is self-defeating. If they cannot, then it calls the legitimacy of that position into question. Turek concludes by saying that people cannot be skeptics about everything, because then they would have to doubt skepticism. However, the more they doubt skepticism, the more sure they become.[8]

He argues that the existence of God implies the existence of miracles. He uses the illustration of a box as a metaphor for the universe. Turek argues that the universe is open and that God, being the creator of the universe, can reach into the universe and perform what one might call miracles.[9]
Marriage views

He argues in Correct, Not Politically Correct that marriage lengthens lifespans of men and women, civilizes men, protects women, protects mothers, lowers welfare costs, and encourages a replacement birth rate, and he argues that same-sex marriage does none of these.[10] Turek claims in several interviews that, in 2010, he was fired from Cisco for his views on homosexual marriage. A member of his class, despite giving the class excellent marks, called Cisco's human resources department to have Turek fired after reading about Turek's views over the Internet.[11] Turek also states that he was later fired from Bank of America for the same reason.[12]