Posted: Apr 01, 2018 7:34 pm
by TopCat
laklak wrote:There isn't a debate. There's no evidence for the existence of god, evolution it true, creationism and ID are bullshit. Craig can dress up his steaming pile of shit in whatever clothes he chooses, it's still a steaming pile of shit.

I hate this sort of virtue-signalling.

Even though it's true, it's worthless, as the only people who will agree with it are people who are already convinced.

If there's any value in engaging with the WLCs of this world - and if Sean Carroll thinks it's worthwhile going up against him, that's good enough for me - then it needs to be a quality engagement. Not this sort of name-calling crap, nor the ill-prepared feeble attempts that end up with WLC's doubtless somewhat smug victories.

Anyone who would be convinced by his arguments isn't worth bothering with in the first place.

And I very much disagree with this, and despise the contempt it reveals. I have a very old and good friend, who sadly has not yet found his way out of Christianity. And not surprisingly, as he has a lot invested in it all. But he's still a good friend, a seeker after truth, albeit a hamstrung one, and in my not so humble opinion, he damn well is worth it.