Posted: Oct 24, 2018 7:34 am
by Zwaarddijk
I think I have a pretty crazy one to contribute. In fact, hearing this made me remember this thread exists, which in turn made me realize 'hey, that was a pretty fun forum, maybe I should go back', and so... since I heard this in personam, and not in English, I will just provide a summary of the reasoning. Some of it is based on the typical Finnish lutheran idea of grace, law and salvation, that I may add in a few turns of phrase to clarify this to someone that hasn't been steeped in that way of thinking:

- allergies were less common back in the day, no one cared about 'glutenfree' or 'milk free' or 'egg free' and so on just a couple of decades ago. (The person added an anecdote here: a colleague's wife did have celiac disease in the 1980s, but he saw her eat sweetbread with wheat in it on occasion so he knows it's all just make-believe!) - this is really a psychological thing rooted in mankind's hate for God.
- see, humans want to earn salvation, they want to be GOOD ENOUGH on their own,
- however, everyone hates God, and so can't accept that his rules are the only rules that are valid, and therefore come up with their own rules, and what's easier to come up with than 'I can't eat gluten' or 'I must not eat meat' or 'I can have neither fish nor eggs', and since they want to be able to be holy out of their own volition, they will never be able to realize that man always will fail to live up to God's rules, and thus the only way is to accept God's grace.

as additional peculiar quirks, which form clear contradictions with other beliefs he professed, we can add:
- he also stated that nowhere has God ever banned any foods (but he also stated that the Bible obviously is God's perfect word)
- he also stated that until the deluge, eating meat was banned
- he also stated that the bible said no one ate meat before the deluge (which it doesn't, it only says God banned it); this is kinda relevant since such a flawed ability to read what a text actually says kinda conflicts with his claim that
- he's been working as a lawyer all the way until his retirement; one would think a lawyer would be better at actually understanding what a text says: it says it was forbidden, not that no one did it.
Anyways, the last few things here are just added to illustrate that this person's logical faculties maybe have been a bit deteriorating over the last years or something.