Posted: Oct 24, 2018 8:09 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Same person also trots out the PRATT that Columbine was caused by gaming and violent video games:
Did you ever see Bowling for Columbine?
I had to watch it years ago in high school.
It's about a high school shooting in America.
There have been multiple shootings since and in another documentary they warned about the danger of video games.
Because there are lonely teens who are addicted to computer games wherein they have to shoot everyone. These teens plays day after day for hours on end?
At a certain point they no longer see the difference between the game and the real world and everyone becomes an enemy and they become dangerous. As obviously happened.

Children believe in fantasy. For them Santa Clause is real and his sleigh flies through the air.
If they encounter horrible images at a young age, those images will become normalize and then you will see that it will cause a distorted worldview in adults.
Their morality shifts. We as parents/adults have a duty to properly inform our children about these issues.