Posted: Dec 12, 2018 7:18 am
by Thomas Eshuis
Interesting comments. So that rocks have no belief in gods, this means rocks are atheists? If the statement “there is no God or gods” is not a claim or a belief then it cannot be true or false. If the statement is meant to be understood as not a claim of any kind then it is meaningless. You asked how does a lack of belief require knowledge. To know one has a lack of belief is a statement of knowing something, of knowledge. I was not saying that to believe you have to have 100 percent knowledge. Weighing the evidence one forms a belief. Perhaps we could say you believe in not holding the belief that a God or gods exist. It seems many of your statements rests on a need for a person to hold convictions or beliefs.

Again with the 'rocks are atheists' nonsense. :sigh: