Posted: Apr 15, 2019 1:22 pm
by Spearthrower
Blackadder wrote:
I can completely see why the national rugby body censured him. At the very least, he has breached his terms of employment. I guess my slight unease is when I think of how this could be used in the other direction. Thomas made the point that commercial considerations would come into play. Yes they would. But that could be used against atheist employees too in different circumstances.

I'm not sure how.

Anti-theist, perhaps. But if someone wants to write up some sordid fantasy they have of religious people being made to suffer, then I've no problem them reaping the consequences of their words either.

Blackadder wrote:So I think this goes deeper than commercial expediency or a contractual obligation. Maybe we have passed the point where fundamentalist Christian views are acceptable to utter in public. 50 years ago, such views would have probably not even raised an eyebrow.

Sure, but 50 years ago homosexuality was illegal in essentially all nations.

70 years ago, it was perfectly normal for African Americans in the USA to be treated as second class citizens in every aspect of life.

If there's a directionality here, it appears to me to be a positive one. A slippery slope upwards, as it were.