Posted: Apr 15, 2019 5:07 pm
by Thommo
I definitely would regard it as a restriction on free speech, personally. I just think it's a justified one.

National sport is supposed to be inclusive, about bringing people together to watch, celebrate and enjoy something that makes us all human. At its best it's about fairness, the competitive spirit, dedication, digging deep and producing something truly extraordinary. It's about those things, that bind us all, about bringing us together for something that thrills and excites, but where everyone walks away at the end, after shaking hands.

Given all that (which is also just a personal view) I think having a clause in the contract that you maintain certain standards while in the job is fair. I'm not always ok with the idea that anything that goes in a contract is justified (gagging clauses regarding sexual assault settlements have been preying on my mind recently after a number of high profile cases in the news), but in this case where it's about not spreading hatred towards a traditionally marginalised or attacked group of people who have every right to want to enjoy a good rugby match, I think the clause is completely justified.