Posted: Apr 21, 2019 10:50 am
by Spearthrower
Pridefel Knowitelz asked for some help in locating another, more appropriate thread in which to ask questions he/she has about atheism and science, and I am, of course, happy to assist: ... l#p2691845

Pridefel Knowitelz wrote:Do you think we would be further ahead if it had been atheists who started the scientific tradition? ... l#p2691850

Spearthrower wrote:What scientific tradition?

You've used lots of words, but those words clearly mean something different to you than to me.

Perhaps you'd best unpack...

Spearthrower wrote:This scientific tradition?

Or the scientific tradition of all humanity which predates history, which includes observing shit, guessing how shit works, then amending those guesses to account for unexpected outcomes?

Humans have been doing that as long as there have been humans, so that's a pretty extensive tradition. Were they atheists or theists? I don't think they were either because both labels would be anachronistic. ... l#p2691854

Pridefel Knowitelz wrote:Science, the progression of it, would it have advanced further if atheists had been the majority of scientists, is what I'm asking. ... l#p2691855

Spearthrower wrote:Yes, I saw you asked that, but the problem is that it is largely a meaningless question because you have failed to define any of the working pieces in your question.

As such, I replied explaining why you would need to unpack those components. Note that I didn't say 'could you repeat yourself'?

You might be reifying science.... I don't know, but as I can't be expected to engage in some half-grasped incomplete comprehension, I would need to be able to challenge any assumptions you're making...