Posted: Apr 21, 2019 12:36 pm
by Spearthrower
Well that was bizarre. You've started a whole new thread all about how I asked you to find a thread where you could address a question that I asked you on this thread.

No, I helped you from falling foul on your first day of the FUA you signed up for. Posting off topic on that thread is against the rules you agreed to.

You even said that I could aid you by finding an appropriate place for the topic you wished to discuss. Here it is!

Then you took the time to quote as well as link to every post in our conversation.

Yes, indeed I did. That's another little courtesy on my part so that neither of us had to repeat what we'd already said, and neither of us would inadvertently ignore prior replies upon moving here. It's just context. Not sure how that becomes so unusual for you.

Don't worry though - it only took a couple of minutes: not much skin off my nose.

I don't get it.

You don't get what? What is there to get? Nothing so far seems to be very complicated.

Look if you don't want to answer my question I think I'll be just fine, and if you do, then I'll be happy to read your answer wherever you choose to post it.

Talking of odd responses, you're complaining that I opened a thread to address your question in detail by suggesting that I don't want to answer your question! :D

Clearly, I am more than willing to answer your question, which is why I opened this thread on your behalf. Also, I included the conversation leading up to this so that neither of us would neglect to remember how I asked you to unpack your question given the ambiguity of the phrasing you used. I even gave examples of how your ambiguous question could be misconstrued: so here is your opportunity and on-topic thread to expand on your question so it becomes legible enough to answer.

But that thread man, it just seems weird and pointless.

It's a thread about your question. I do agree that your question appears weird and pointless, but I am more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt - it being your first day here and all.

Unless, of course, you actually think I'm that important that I deserve my own thread in which to ask people questions. Me, a newbie who's not even been here for 24 hours? I feel kinda bad saying this but I wouldn't start a thread dedicated to your questions, especially if you were an insignificant newbie like me.

Of course you're that important. You're a new member here who has lots of questions. Why shouldn't you be given the attention you apparently want? I am not sure what your status as a "newbie" has with respect to whether you can possess your own thread or not. In fact, it's generally considered good form for a "newbie" to make an introductory post as their first post so that fellow members may welcome them.

Perhaps you're used to a different form of internet etiquette. I would say that you'll find the discourse in this place robust and comprehensive. I hope you enjoy that.