Posted: Jun 19, 2019 6:43 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
I noticed when CA make reference to the historical period of the three kingdoms they have jumped on the SJW bandwagon of confusion by using the phrase CE, something any serious historian would cringe at. Some might not see it as a big deal but I hate when we stoop to the level of the always offended. Use the proper terms BC and AD especially given the fact that BCE and CE are centred on Christ anyway by using an identical calendar. Please stop with this nonsense CA. It's embarrassing when you describe history in such a way

While it is much more commonly used today due to the rise of militant secularism pushing forward a SJW agenda to redefine everything including history in the west I rarely seen it used many years ago. Ironically when I first seen it used as a kid is thought CE referred to Christian Era as the calendar is centred on Christ. If they wanted to secularize the calendar then they should have created a new one. Anyway it's based on Christ so use the proper definition to describe it or use another calendar. It's something that gets on my nerves as it's obviously done out of bitterness in defiance. Just use a different calendar if they wish to do so.

It's an historical game CA, treat it as such