Posted: Jun 24, 2019 5:03 pm
by aban57
Thomas Eshuis wrote:Paraphrasing Darth Dawkins, aka Gary Milne who tries to compare the French and American revolutions in an attempt to discredit atheism:
The American revolution was mostly god focused, the Founding Fathers felt that the king of England had overstepped his bounds as a servant of god. That's why the conflict between the American soldiers and the English soldiers was relatively bloodless. Now, the French revolution on the other hand was not god focused at all. It was lead and supported by the atheists. They started arresting and beheading people simply because they disagreed. Why do I bring this up? When you have conflict in a god centred situation, people act more civilised even-though they might shoot each other. When you have a non-god centred situation, anything justifies the means. Even killing people who disagree with you. We saw this in the French revolution with the atheists, Robespierre, the Russsian revolution, the communist revolution in Vietnam etcetera.